Adding personality to your rèsumè

So, I’ve revamped my rèsumè and I’m busy picking and choosing where I want to promote my skill set in Miami.

Meanwhile, I wanted to share what I did. This is not for every profession, but as a creative there is a fine line between being creative and being professional. I’ve added some personality to my rèsumè and it’s envelope just by adding simple silly type that says exactly what I’m thinking. As a photo assistant/digitech/grip gal I have the opportunity to show a little bit of (good) attitude, but keeping it professional can be tricky.

Here I chose to use a little humor to creative intrigue. Stuck with Futura as my typeface because it looks clean and expensive and opted for a nice linen paper… because the way your fingers feel on paper is more important than you might think.

I know that if I received one of these as an employer I would want to open it and keep reading.

Alright guys, fingers crossed!



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