I grew up in Melbourne, Florida. Just north of paradise and just south of the real south. Somewhere in between, where surfers wore camouflage and punk kids built bonfires. I stem from a mostly German and Sicilian background. My mom would always make something with potatoes and my dad would always make something with pasta and cheese. Dinner was heaven.

Sometime around age 10, I asked for a Polaroid camera. The sticker kind. Remember those? The photos where small, but the revelation was large. I became a photographer. Ever since then, I’ve had many lovers, but only one mistress, my camera.

I chased the sun south in the spring of 2006 at the age of 18. Stuck between palm trees and the grit of downtown Miami. In the summer of 2007, I moved to Berlin for three months to study photography and graphic design. I found a best friend and myself in the process.

6 years later, I still live amongst the palms and concrete walls in Wynwood, a little art neighborhood in Miami that’s recently been re-gentrified by young artists and entrepreneurs. I have assisted for photographers all around the world including Matthew Jordan-Smith (LA), Jon Paterson (NYC & London), Alexander Neumann (Miami & Paris), and Ben Watts (Australia & NYC).

This blog tells the story of my photographic life.


Reach me by telephone at 305.725.9089

Send me an email at:


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